Let God’s Will Not Mine Be Done

Let God's Will Not Mine Be Done - Christina Lattimer
Let God's Will Not Mine Be Done - Christina Lattimer

Do you understand what is God’s Will?

Have you ever wondered what letting God’s will not mine be done actually means?

The choice about  whether to let God’s will and not mine be done has scared me silly for years.  I’ve veered between piously “asking God” what I need to do and recklessly shutting  God out when I want to do something which I thought would not get God’s approval.

So I’ve veered between indecision and guilt for years. Sometimes feeling so certain of a course of action that it must be God ’s will.  Other times blindly going forward hoping I was not upsetting God too much.

The answer

The answer to this dilemma came in two parts.  The first came some time ago when I realised God was not this abstract separate person or entity. God was not this judgmental force who frowned if  I was not perfectly good.  In fact, God is the loving force within each and every one of us.  God is within and we can choose from God at any time.

I tend not to use the word God to describe this force within as it can be controversial and engender much conflict for others if their beliefs about God are different.  So the word God can be equally and accurately described if you say Love is within or Universal Wisdom is within.  So love or universal wisdom is within and we can choose for these forces at any time.

The second part of the answer came when I became clear that the question of whether  God’s will not mine be done was not about what I wanted but the nature of what was to be delivered.  There is a distinction.

This distinction was illustrated when I wanted a new job.  Originally my dilemma was whether wanting the new job was aligned with God’s will or was it an ego construct.  This resulted in my attempts at securing a new job being half-hearted and fuelled with guilt.  Of course, the new job didn’t come.

Choosing with love

What has recently become clear to me is that doing God’s will is not about a choice about should I do this/take this path or something else.  It’s about doing whatever I choose with love and not the ego.  So as long as I can choose and do the new job with love then God’s will is being done.

This has helped me when hoping for better situations for others.  Instead of wanting a specific outcome which I think would be best for them, instead, I ask for God’s will not mine be done.  In other words, I ask that love presides in the solution. Sometimes we don’t know what the most loving thing is for ourselves or others but the Love within or Universal Wisdom does know.

So for me, the formula to apply when asking for God’s will not mine to be done is “let love preside”.

If we all made the choice to let love preside in all we do then a better world must arise.




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